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One of Those

one of those

Title: One of Those
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo (feat. Beagle Line)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: au!crack, fluff
Word Count: 1,426
Summary: Kyungsoo is a creepy and clingy boyfriend. Baekhyun may or may not disagree.

a/n: uhm hi I’m a first time fic writer? Please be gentle etc etc. Inspired by the photo above and the song One of Those (Crazy Girls) by Paramore. You may listen to it while reading for optimal experience lol.

"Kyungsoo, I need space." Kyungsoo shuffled a little to his right, giving Baekhyun a considerable amount of distance.

"What are you doing?" the older boy asked pointedly. "I'm giving you space," he responded matter-of-fact, eyes staring back a little too innocently.

Baekhyun slaps his palm on his face and sighed for a millionth time that day.


It's not that he dislikes the boy, really. He likes him--heck, he really likes him a lot. But sometimes he just seems so, suffocating.

He remembered that one time, when he accidentally washed his hair with his friend's sister's shampoo, his head smelling like watermelons, Kyungsoo practically attached his self on Baekhyun's head, smelling him at every opportunity. It doesn't help that he's sitting just behind him in their Literature class and he can hear him sniff every so often, feeling him breathing down on the nape of his neck. To be honest, that brought shivers down his spine--and the good kind at that--except that their professor actually noticed and consequently threw them out of the class. It should've made Kyungsoo sad but it didn't.


"Ayy yo wazzap," Chanyeol hip-hopped as he sat beside Baekhyun in the cafeteria. "Hey, what's up?" he greeted normally when he noticed his friend's somber mood, "ate something bad today?"

"I think I kinda broke up with Kyungsoo..." Baekhyun's voice trailed as he struggled to let that one sink in.

"You what? What does that even mean?" Chanyeol asked, genuinely confused. "Did you really broke up with him personally or are you just imagining that in your brain? Last time I checked, and that was 11 minutes ago, Kyungsoo is happily slipping a love letter inside your locker. Cute little shit that he is," he chuckled.

"Wait... what?" Baekhyun is utterly confused. Did he really just imagined it..?

"I won't meddle in your cute little lover spat but," Chanyeol slung his arm around the other boy's shoulders, "I suggest you go check your locker now because I'm not entirely sure if it's just a letter he's slipping in there. Maybe something more I can't quite remember..."

Baekhyun doesn't even want to know.


Once Baekhyun opened his locker, a trail of love letters neatly folded and placed inside envelopes full of hearts fell off. And maybe some bars of chocolates. And a stuffed toy? Wait, is that a pair of boxers??? He immediately slammed his locker shut, some papers being squashed around the edges in the process. He looked quickly from side to side for any witnesses and when he's sure there were none, he quietly opened his locker door again.

He started reading the letters beginning from that envelope marked "I." Almost 20 minutes have passed when he finally finished reading all 12 letters, each marked with an alphabet on the envelope that corresponded with the following: I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-B-A-E-K. He then proceeded to read the neon pink sticky note pasted on what seems to be Kyungsoo's boxers.

Just in case you really, really miss me. Hearteu hearteu

Baekhyun sighed for the millionth and one time that day.


"Hey, what do you guys think, is this funky enough?" Jongdae seriously asked his two best mates as he repeatedly hip thrusted towards the air.

"Maybe if you put your hands in the air like this," Chanyeol waves his arms awkwardly on his side like he's having some kind of a seizure.

"That's a fantastic idea! How about you join me at EXO Club tonight? We might really get famous this time!" Jongdae excitedly waves his arms, mimicking Chanyeol's awkward funky arm-dance.

"Uhm nope," the giant answered abruptly, and then subtly changed the topic to, "did you talk to Kyungsoo yet?"

Baekhyun sighed for--really he can't remember how many times anymore. "I haven't checked my phone yet."

"What seems to be the problem this time?" Jongdae asked, like this kind of lover's quarrel has happened a lot of times before. "Oh I know, did he finally made you drink that concoction that has his hair as its main ingredient? I heard it will really make your relationship last for a long time, and I mean, the 'til-death-do-us-part kind."

"He did what?" Baekhyun exclaimed, face contorted in a painfully disgusted way.

"Oh, maybe he was just playing around that time," Jongdae shrugged.

Chanyeol couldn't help but laugh, "Baekkie, relax. Do you really think Kyungsoo will go that far? The guy is pretty stable, I assure you."

Remembering the pair of boxers inside his bag, Baekhyun is not so sure anymore.


Hey, have you read all my letters? Aren't they sweet? click Remember that guy we laughed at during one of our lab sessions? The one who got his brows singed? It's growing back now and he kind of looked more attractive that way. click I got a high score on my essay today because I wrote about the watermelon incident on your hair. click I really kind of miss you already but it's ok I can do this because you need space. click I really really miss you and I'm standing at your front gate right now.

Baekhyun stood up fast from where he sat and immediately went beside the window, opening it a little so that he can fit his head outside to peek. He looked around for a sign of Kyungsoo.

But he wasn't there anymore.


He almost toppled over their doorstep when he found a box of banana juice with a neon pink sticky note attached to it.

99.9% of experts said that if you drink this you will ace all your math exams.

PS: I got that trivia from Chanyeol. Hearteu hearteu


He's not sure what's more disconcerting: Kyungsoo's constant presence by his side or the fact that he seems like he's everywhere even when he's not around.

During his history class, he received a note from one of his classmates, paper a little bit worn out from too much folding. Inside, a message has been messily scrawled as if written in a hurry.

I know you hate History class because it's boring as the next speech from our principal so I'm writing you this note to make you un-bored. You're not bored anymore, right? Hearteu hearteu


Baekhyun admits, he missed seeing Kyungsoo. It's not like he asked him to avoid him or to not show his face to him anymore. He just asked for a little bit of metaphorical space to breathe in (not that he got what he really wanted). But somehow, he missed the way he slides his arms on his to intertwine their fingers. Or the way his eyes crinkles when he smiles. Or how delightfully full those lips of his are when he pouts.

Somehow, he missed Kyungsoo being attached to him like a second skin.


Kyungsoo is really really sad. He doesn't get why Baekhyun is still ignoring him. Isn't he giving him enough "space" already? He only slips two love letters in his locker now. And he only gets to stand outside his gate twice a week! So why is he still ignoring him? That's already a lot of space!

He's still really annoyed when someone bumped him on the side to sit beside him. He's all ready to give the human his ice fist when he turns and sees Baekhyun instead.

"Hi," the older greeted, smiling awkwardly.

Kyungsoo's only answer was to gape at him like a gold fish out of water.

"I know you missed me..." Baekhyun said, a tease of a smirk forming on the side of his lips. "I missed you too." He added softly.

Kyungsoo, brain overloading, can only manage a tiny jerk of his head. Baekhyun can't help but laugh. He touched the younger's chin tentatively, as if touching it would burn his skin. Tilting it in a way that Kyungsoo is directly facing him, he brushed a thumb on his slowly reddening cheek.

"I don't think I need any more of this space right now," Baekhyun murmured as he closed the distance between his and Kyungsoo's lips. A jolt of warmth enveloped their bodies and Baekhyun doesn't mind even if Kyungsoo's literally suffocating him right now. It's a good kind of he-can't-breathe and he just want to taste him, mouth hot on Kyungsoo's, his tongue softly caressing the insides of his mouth. He doesn't mind a bit even if this lasts a lifetime.

After a while, when finally they break for air, Kyungsoo, in his I'm-totally-innocent way, said, "I'm not totally crazy, I swear."

Baekhyun really doesn't care.
Tags: fandom: exo, g: crack, g: fluff, i wrote a thing, p: baekhyun/kyungsoo, r: pg-13
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